Whether on the court or off, SMT serves up a wealth of real-time data and insights.

For more than 30 years, SMT has built expertise in a wide variety of tennis technology, from the first serve-speed and chair umpire systems to data-driven insights that help players, coaches, broadcasters and the media determine how and why a match was won or lost.

Information Systems

SMT’s Interactive Information Systems (Interactive IS) is a unique, state-of-the-art, multi-media system that utilizes the latest in IPTV technology and SMT proprietary software. Interactive IS integrates multiple channels of live broadcast and recorded video with up-to-the-minute scores, in-depth stats, historical data, match schedules and results, sponsor information, and much more. These systems provide sophisticated match analysis by synchronizing detailed match data with match video, providing a valuable tool for media, broadcasters, players and coaches alike. These intuitive, interactive systems are available throughout facilities in media centers, sponsor locations, at kiosks, and in administrative, broadcast and player areas, providing complete information to complement the onsite experience.


  • Match IS (Match Information System)
  • Interactive IS (Interactive Information Systems)
  • Match Information Centers
  • Media Center Services
  • Media Message System
  • IPTV CCTV Services
  • Video Walls
  • GOTO Board
  • TennisX - VDS/Player Ops

Data Integration

SMT delivers multiple levels of data integration to enrich our products and services - from our unparalleled broadcast Television Interface (TVI) to automated graphics for on-court production. SMT’s proprietary TVI delivers real-time information for on-air production, integrating all sources of content available at an event. It is by far the most robust and comprehensive solution available, making it the preferred service for broadcast partners worldwide.


  • TVI (Tennis Television Interface)
  • TennisX
  • Weather System
  • Event Timing and Clocks
  • Chair Umpire System
  • DMX (Data Matrix Switchboard)
  • Statistics Integration
  • Ticker

Graphics Integration

SMT’s Creative Studio specializes in the creation and implementation of unique content presentation for the on- and off-site audiences. From 2D/3D HD to virtual graphics, SMT is leading the way for delivering relevant content and telling the story in real-time. Our graphic content production capability ranges from CCTV channels to large complex video displays and parameter ribbon boards.


  • TIG (Tennis Insight Graphics)
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • CG Interface
  • SportsCG

Timing, Scoring & Statistics

The SMT Scoring System is the preferred solution for tournaments such as the US Open and Australian Open where SMT delivers a reliable, dependable, and flexible operation that captures scoring information from all tournament events. Our Scoring System manages all scoring formats, draw creation, and real-time data capture and distribution.


  • TennisX
  • Chair Umpire System
  • SportsCG
  • Event Timing and Clocks
  • Statistics Integration

Video Displays and Production

Over the past 15 years, SMT has harnessed the power of LED technology to create new products such as ticker displays, Superwalls, information towers and digital ad panels, providing clients with expanded sponsor revenue opportunities while enhancing the fan experience onsite. In addition to LED, SMT has used touch screen LCDs to create interactive solutions, such as our GOTO Boards, to enhance the broadcasts and increase fan enjoyment. SMT has a range of video production services with a group of talented producers, editors, camera and replay operators. We have the equipment, expertise, and the knowledge to produce any activity from a draw party to outside court production with the ability to live stream.


  • Media Services
  • Media Center Displays
  • Superwalls
  • GOTO Boards
  • Video Displays
  • On-court Clocks
  • On-court Ribbon Boards
  • Video Production Services

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