SMT tees up a bevy of course-wide and broadcast services to enrich the spectator experience.

From ball-tracking lasers to course-wide production services on LED scoreboards, fans around the world stay informed and entertained with SMT’s signature services. Our software development, creative design, computer and networking systems, event operations and logistics make SMT the benchmark for golf technology

Golf Tech Overview Title

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Virtual Insertion

SMT’s suite of virtual enhancements for golf include groundbreaking services such as Drive Grid, a product inspired by the yellow first-down line that highlights drive distances; Landing Zone, which predicts where a tee shot will land; PuttVision, a 3D model that displays the optimal putting line while highlighting the topography of the green; and Chipping Circles, a set of three yellow circles that illustrate the proximity of a player’s chip to the hole.


  • Drive Grid
  • Virtual Chipping Circles
  • Landing Zone
  • Virtual Advertising
  • Studio Sets and Partial Sets
  • Telestration System

Information Systems

SMT provides Tournament Information Systems for fans, tournament officials and media, giving them access to real-time scores, players stats, pairings/matches, schedules and tournament updates. SMT can design a custom application to the specific requirements of any event for any sport.


  • Tournament Information Systems
  • Video Walls
  • GOTO Boards
  • Match Information Systems
  • Interactive Information Systems
  • Information Centers
  • Tournament Highlights
  • TIPS IPTV System
  • CIS (Commentator Information System)
  • Interactive Prompter
  • Interactive Information System (IIS)

Data Integration

SMT utilizes real-time data from SMT’s GolfX or the PGA TOUR’s ShotLink to creatively display scoring information in real-time to tournament fans. SMT’s GolfTeeV service is a multi-panel display presentation that combines live video with tournament scoring information. The GolfTeeV channel is delivered across an IPTV or RF system and can be displayed in the clubhouse or dining lounge, so participants can view the tournament leader board, tee times, team information, and other scoring-related information. NextGen Scoreboard Control (NGSC) is SMT’s automated production system for providing live scores, stats and results. The system is designed so that it can be customized to match the specific needs of each client. SMT’s turnkey Pro Am Draw Party service includes an administrative system for ingesting professional and amateur player information, random draw creation, custom displays to match tournament branding, associated Pro-Am reports (pairings, scorecards, etc.) and tournament pairings management.


  • GolfTeeV
  • Pro-Am Draw
  • DMX (Data Matrix Switchboard)
  • Statistics Integration
  • TVI (Television Interface)
  • Media Messaging System
  • GolfX Ball Positioning

Graphics Integration

SMT’s Creative Studio specializes in the creation and implementation of unique content presentation for on-site, TV and streaming audiences. From 2D/3D HD to virtual graphics, SMT is leading the way for delivering relevant content and telling the story in real-time. Our graphic content production capability ranges from CCTV channels to large complex video displays and parameter ribbon boards.
List of products:


  • 2D and 3D animation
  • SportsCG
  • CG Interface

Timing, Scoring & Statistics

SMT’s GolfX is a real-time, proprietary turnkey scoring system for golf, which includes wireless mesh network, handheld scoring devices, administrative software and hardware, pairings generation and distribution, scoring servers, and data feeds.


  • GolfX Scoring
  • GolfX Ball Position
  • GolfX WeatherDOM
  • Pro-Am Draw Party
  • Greenside Tracking
  • Event Timing and Clocks
  • TVI (Television Interface)
  • SportsCG

Tracking Systems

RangeFinder, SMT’s GolfX ball position system, is a complete laser-based ball location service that captures the location of the ball in 3D space, measuring the distance from where it comes to rest to key elements such as the hole or another player’s ball. This data is used in on-site productions, as well as provided to internet and broadcast clients. SMT also develops many graphic solutions for displaying the ball location in a compelling manner. SMT provides the lasers, mounts, greenside handheld tablets, administrative software and software. Optimizing the latest in new camera technology, SMT’s Greenside Tracking System is on-course to capture the data of an incoming ball’s approach - from green, to landing, to roll. This data is then provided to the scoring system where it is used in on-site productions, as well as to digital and broadcast clients.


  • RangeFinder
  • Greenside Tracking
  • Weather
  • Speed Tracking

Video Displays & Production

SMT’s real-time, custom on-course and in-venue display productions are frequently used on the PGA TOUR and PGA TOUR Champions events. SMT has multiple video wall production solutions ranging in complexity to appeal to any tournament large or small.  SMT uses ENG camera work, video editing and distribution to capture special events for tournaments, including player interviews, client testimonials and tournament promotional materials. SMT also provides on-site tournament highlights termed “Moments Ago,” packaging exciting plays on the broadcast feed and quickly editing the video material to display on SMT video boards throughout the course.


  • Large on-course video boards
  • In-venue video boards
  • LED Ribbon Boards
  • Informarion Towers
  • Scoreboards
  • Media Center Services
  • Media Center Displays

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